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Das Auge ist schneller als der Verstand
A highly praised example: The "Semiramis" software architecture image,  more

Short Line

Abstract facts made visible and easily understandable


The detailed visualization of a complex and abstract context, make each new matter quickly and easily understandable. Benefits of new technologies and solutions are becoming spontaneously plausible to customers and users. The quality of the visualization always reflects the quality of the product - and of course - the commitment of the companies involved.

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Worldwide coveted visualization in the IT sector

Wolfgang Karner developed pioneering imaginary worlds for highly complex product features. The example above has caused a tremendous demand within the IT sector and beyond. T
his "software architecture" visualization and its more famous previous version is ILLEGALLY copied and manipulated WORLDWIDE. It is shown on countless websites, brochures and training materials - in violation of every copyright law! Labels within the visualization are illegally modified as required and the faked image is used for individual business purposes. We have published only a dozen different screen shots of more than 500 websites using the image within their sites - ILLEGALLY.

The original and its lawful use

The software architecture image describes the complex structure and the potential of the pioneering enterprise software SEMIRAMIS. The newly developed, 100% programmed in Java software was recently renamed "COMARCH ERP". Wolfgang Karner has also contributed significantly to the ergonomic concept and realized the full design of the user interface for enterprise software, including thousands of icons.

The award-winning,  highly ergonomic software -
designed for the Internet - is very easy to learn due to its intuitive user interface. COMARCH ERP runs in the browser and is already implemented very successfully in many medium-sized companies like  Zalando, SONAX, Victorinox, Blizzard, Falke, sports car manufacturer Wiesmann, Develey, Freudenberg , Bernbacher, Dallmayr, Kik, e.t.c.