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Example: Enterprise application software

Above you can see several layered screenshots of the "Semiramis" user interface. The award-winning enterprise resource and planning software now distributed under the brand name "COMARCH ERP". This highly ergonomic ERP software was designed for the internet and is successfully used by numerous medium-sized companies like Zalando, SONAX, Victorinox, Blizzard, Falke, the sportscar manufacturer Wiesmann, Develey, Freudenberg, Dallmayr, Kik, Bernbacher, and many more. Wolfgang Karner designed the entire user interface for this highly ergonomic, "easy to learn" ERP-software - including thousands of integrated icons.


The focus is on the user

Almost since decades Wolfgang Karner was successfully fighting for the intuitiv user guidance. In the middle of the 90ies his brother's software company started developing an ultra modern, one hundred percent Java, browser-enabled enterprise application software. Wolfgang Karner was asked to design the user interface. Without knowing much about working with enterprise application software he quickly learned how complicated and user-unfriendly this kind of software was and mostly still is. So he started to focus on the needs of the user only - not an expert's needs - he thought on a user without great computing-skills. Against many odds from the software developer's side he was able to convince the responsible to focus on the user's comfort. Due to the low computing power of these years, the software's performance was very poor in the beginning but finally the output was perfect. Of course it took a lot of effort and commitment to finally realize this revolutionary approach. Now the COMARCH ERP software and especially its usability is awarded almost every year and is highly accepted by the users. It is so easy to work with this software and it is very easy to learn it aswell.