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1,600 employees company DEDAGROUP simply uses our software architecture visualization without any authorization

After we heard about the existence of this falsification by DEDAGROUP, we quickly found several language versions on different international company websites and brochures - from Italy to Mexico! We could not believe how far it was spread and how brazenly this image was manipulated. You must not forget: any change or manipulation within a protected work requires an explicit permission of the copyright owner. But DEDAGROUP never asked for any permission to change or use the original image.

There is no doubt - due to its highly creative approach, Wolfgang Karner's original "software architecture image" definitely is a copyright protected work!

How they made it
It is perfectly clear: DEDAGROUP had access to the original vectorized file, so they could easily erase disturbing objects and labels within the file. They reshaped a few of the erased original objects and added one or two from elsewhere, adapted their labeling according to "DEDAGROUP's" needs - and that was it! They produced and used at least three different language versions of the visualization. The forger didn't care - or more likely - he hand no idea about perspective or visual balance. The UNAUTHORIZED outcome was a 95% original Wolfgang Karner software visualization. The only few elements "created" by DEDAGROUP were mostly taken from the "real" original image and have been integrated very unprofessionally -  e. g.  ignoring the correct alignments, ect. . 

How they responded to our allegations
Right after our discovery of the infringement we informed the "DEDAGROUP's"  CEO about this unauthorized use and manipulation of the original graphic. We got an official statement from Dedagroup's" legal department, declaring this falsification image - made in 2012 (!) - as a "new and original image"  in order to describe their bank-software product. They also rejected any payment of fees. You can find the original statement with four absolutely ridiculous core arguments on this website aswell.

As a matter of fact: copyright protection never arises for any falsification like this, due to its lack of originality - an essential requirement for copyright protection! Yet the included original part of the image fully remains fully copyright protected.


This publication intends to protect our intellectual property. We are considering this as a 


DEDAGROUP used this copyright protected software architecture graphic from Wolfgang Karner for its worldwide business purposes without any authorization! The company denies and threatens with lawsuits.