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The previous pages undoubtedly prove DEDAGROUP's use of Wolfgang Karner's copyright protected software architecture image. The original image's level of creativity guarantees its copyright protection status. Therefore any use of this work has to be authorized by the copyright owner. But DEDAGROUP never asked for any kind of authorizaton to change or use this image. Consequently there was no authorization given to DEDAGROUP to use it at any time. So we are considering this case as a severe copyright piracy and copyright infringement.

We had informed DEDAGROUP about their unauthorized use of the "SEMIRAMIS/Comarch ERP" software architecture graphic and asked for an immediate and complete waiver of our work. The company's reply to our accusation was a harsh denial of any copyright or intellectual property infringement (see the original wording below). Several approaches to convince DEDAGROUP to acknowledge their mistake, have failed.

As we still can find this falsification image on certain websites and because all complaints and offers to negotiate were ignored, we are forced to publish this case in order to prevent future cases of abuse.

Our brief analysis of the four irrational DEDAGROUP statements below.



This publication intends to protect our intellectual property. We are considering this a 


DEDAGROUP used a copyright protected software architecture graphic from Wolfgang Karner for its worldwide business purposes without any authorization! The company denies and threatens with lawsuits.