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Example: A huge "Data lake" scenery for SWISSCOM

DEDAGOUP illegal
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Record-breaking PPT-slide: Wolfgang Karner created this huge Data Lake Scenario for Switzerland's leading telecommunication provider SWISSCOM. The company visualizes with this metaphoric image the unique significance of Smart Data Topics for the future of the company and its customers. Opportunities, risks and the responsible handling of the enormous amounts of data and their meaningful utilization are presented here in a metaphorical and easily comprehensible manner. We integrated the individual sceneries into a comprehensive presentation, illustrating the technical, economic and ethical interdependencies between data generation, product development and customer benefit. It was created on one PPT-Slide with more than 90 MB of vectorized, handmade objects.

For details see the zoomable  high resolution version (10 MB).


Our work is faked by DEDAGROUP!
The Italian IT-group brazenly denies any use

Original and Fake

Here we see a extremly brazen case of "copyright piracy" - an unauthorized manipulation and use of our copyright protected work. It was illegally used for years by the Italian IT-company DEDAGROUP for worldwide business purposes. After we asked the company to stop this unlicensed utilization of Wolfgang Karner's visualization, they denied any copyright infringement and even threatened with lawsuits in case of publication. As further complaints failed and offers to negotiate were ignored, we are forced to publish this case in order to prevent further abuse.   

Since we started publishing this incredible case of copyright piracy on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, DEDAGROUP's attitude concerning the incident hasn't changed! They are still refusing to negotiate and they tried to manipulate LinkedIn by claiming our posts would be "defamatory". Every educated individual knows that "defamation" requires a false statement in order to harm someone's reputation. Totally irrational in this case of copyright piracy. As our publication perfectly compares original and falsification, facts and truth are obvious to anyone - except for some DEDAGROUP representatives. Any damage to the company's reputation is only created by DEDAGROUP's activities like this act of copyright piracy and cowardly denying it. So we keep on spreading this case and we also will increase our activities in wider areas with increasing intensity.


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Factual arguments have a hard time against the subtle insights of preliminary assessments. The importance of the unconscious in the interpretation of the gigantic flood of perception is undoubted. Therefore we all tend to immediately attest "beauty" the property of the "better". In the area of Corporate Communications this is particularly obvious.

Each of your communicated elements carries individual, subliminal messages. The better you are able to transmit positive from the outset, the better your chances are to achieve your goals. Use this key possibilities of a sophisticated, distinguished line of communication and present yourself from your very best side. We can help you to synchronize your visual content with your company's quality standards.



More and more illegal copies and brazen plagiarism of Wolfgang Karner's visualizations in the internet and other media. The focus of the illegal activities is on the acclaimed "software architecture" visualization. It is entirely positive when a creative's work is appreciated, but it can not be accepted that companies, universities and individuals simply steal someones intellectual property and using it for their own business purposes. We are currently taking legal actions against these copyright violations. Hotspots of this illegal activities are Southern Europe, Central and South America, from Mexico down to Chile.